Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chaotic Resolve

You may remember about a month ago I posted a post about how excited I was for the new Plumb CD coming out. In fact, I ordered it that day. I ordered it from a site her MySpace linked to, because they were offering an advance copy, and it was signed, what more could you ask for? Althought, I'd never heard of the company before.

But it was of course an American company and me being in Canada, that made it an "international order", and shipping was an additional $7. Seven bucks! But it was Plumb, and thus fully worth the excessive shipping costs. I had to special order my last Plumb CD at the Briercrest bookstore, and it was more expensive than this one ended up being.

But after two weeks I thought this international shipping was a bit slow.

And after three weeks, on March 17th, I gave them a call. "Oh, because it's an international shipment we have to wait a month before it is declared lost." Oh, okay. I'll call back on March 21st then.

So I did. And the guy said he'd ship out another copy that day for me.

Then this week I got a copy in the mail. Strangely, the postage tape and the customs declaration slip were both dated March 17/06.

So I checked my order status on the website and it said the second shipment was still being processed. So I called the company to let them know I had recieved it, but I just got their answering machine so I left a message.

Then the next day I got two emails saying my replacement shipment had been fixed.

Then yesterday at home "Mark" called to ask what shipment I had received, and if I received any more could I please return them?

Sure I can, but the chaos of it all kind of makes me chuckle.


rachel said...

so how's the CD?

michelle said...

I debated posting my review of the CD because I don't feel I've sufficiently listened to it a number of times yet to offer a full review. So far though, I really like it. I think my favourite song thus far is "Sleep." You can listen to some song samples via the link.


megan said...

Is this praise music? i wuz gonna ask you for your picks for praise music. I recently got Yolanda Adams' "Day By Day" and I really like it.

Mei Lin said...

Hi there! :)

I've been popping to your blog for quite some time. In fact, I've long linked it to my blog. :)

By the way, I'm Michele as well, except that mine's spelt with one "L". And it's kinda cute that your Japanese version of Michelle is "Mikao".

For me, my Japanese name is "Michire". :)

Anyway, I like Plumb as well. I got her Candycoated album. Love all her songs and will get this new album ASAP.

I'm gonna participate in your "Self" challenge. :)

Oh and I went to your Etsy site...I like some stuff that I see there. :) As soon as I get some $$$, I'm gonna buy them. :)

So keep doing what you do coz they're AWESOME! :)