Thursday, March 09, 2006

But I Don't Imagine It Would Taste Any Better With Regular Teeth.

Susan: Michelle, have you ever had a Big Turk?

Michelle: (Looks at Big Turk packaging). Uh.... no. I thought maybe for a second it was an Eatmore, and I had one of those when I was 4 but I haven't had one since.

Susan: Oh. Well, would you like to try it? I'll break you off a piece.

Michelle: Why is it purple?

Susan: It's turkish delight.

Michelle: But why is it purple?

Susan: It's turkish delight.

Michelle: But what is it? Is it nugat?

Susan: No, it's more Swedish Berries.

Michelle: Oh. (takes bite). Oh. Ew.

Susan: You're welcome Jerk!

Michelle: (thinking "Tastes disgusting with the dental work I just had done.")


funkypancake said...

turkish delight features in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe doesn't it ?

i think it's yucky too.

James said...

I used to like that snack, but have since decided I am not a big fan of turkish delight. I thought I was after my dad read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to me as a kid. Oh to be young and impressionable again.

Chloe said...

Right my friends, you want some good turkish delight goodness.. try Cadbury's Dairymilk Turkish. It's so yum and I don't really like other turkish delight stuff but this stuff is it! Although you might just have to fly over to the UK for it. heh heh.