Sunday, February 26, 2006

Recently Seen

Flightplan: Last summer when I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan, watching Redeye, they had a preview trailer for Flightplan. Whoever I was sitting next to in the theatre (don't worry, I knew them) I leaned over and said "We should go watch that instead!" We were stuck watching Redeye though because all the other movies we wanted to see were already sold out. Anyways, now that I've seen both, my foggy summer memory tells me that Redeye was better. While the special features section of Flightplan was very well made, I didn't feel the same for the rest of the movie. It had an interesting plot I suppose, and when you watch the special features you get an idea of how intense the set was. My friend Laura gave the movie two thumbs down.

Love Song for Bobby Long, I watched this movie because my roommate rented it, I had never heard of it before. It was okay, but had a bit of language. And seemed long in parts. But I like the way she decorated her house. :)

Just Like Heaven, when this came out in the theatre I remember seeing commercials for it and thinking it wouldn't be a very good movie. But then the commercials came out for it coming out on DVD and they seemed of a different tone. And someone recommended it to me because it had that guy from Napoleon Dynamite in it. Overall, I highly enjoyed it. It had a bit of a weird story plot, but I'd say it was a gooder in the end. I'd definitely watch it again.

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