Monday, February 06, 2006

February Hometown Six

I am posting this in a rush.... but thank you to everyone who participated in January's Hometown Six Challenge! Now, without further adieu (it being February 6th and all), here you will find the six photo challenges for February from your "hometown":

1. Town Hall/Village Office/City Building/etc.
2. Main Street
3. Local Transit/vehicle mode of choice
4. Shopping Complex
5. Cultural Centre/Theatre/Something of that sort
6. Local Police/Police Station/etc.

It was great to see such a wide variety of people participate in the last challenge, and feel free to participate in this month even if you didn't participate last month. Some of you might be in a smaller area and some of the challenges will require a bit of creativity.

Have fun, and I will post next month's challenge on March 6th. I look forward to seeing everyone's photos. It's neat to see a bigger glimpse of where you call home.

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