Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hello 2006, Here You Are

Wow, 2006 is so busy so far... I'd love to post something more substantial but I have a ton of work to do so this will just be snippets:

a) Peter and Becky voted me one of their favourite blogs of 2005 (wow, that's great!). I'm honoured.

b) I meant to mention this earlier, but my bloggish-related blog Dialog: Breaking the Bubble was nominated for a SuperBlessed award. Hopefully over this next year I'll post to it more, I wasn't very consistent in 2005 with that.

c) I feel like I haven't been home in forever! I got back to my house at 1:30am on Thursday, worked Thursday, hung out with a friend Thursday night, worked most of Friday, drove down south Friday afternoon, went to my other camp's Christmas party (the one I worked at for three full summers then a week this past summer), stayed over night, then ended up staying over for New Year's Eve, then came back up north and home late Sunday evening. Monday I slept in and unpacked finally from being home for Christmas, and cleaned my room a bit, and watched tv, and did some sewing.

d) Finished this last night. I had been saving that fabric for awhile, I was debating about what to make with it. I really like the way this turned out. I still have more of the fabric left, so plan on a few more things from it as well.

e) Work. I have a big meeting tomorrow and lots to do to prep for it... so I should probably get back at that. I woke up the middle of last night wondering if the meeting was today or tomorrow... phewffda on it being tomorrow because I had absolutely nothing prepped for it.

f) I have a few other things I'd like to post, including my 2006 Blogging Project, but those will have to wait until later or tomorrow or later this week sometime most likely. Until then, hope your 2006 is going swimmingly well and you have a great 362 days ahead.


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