Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dumpling Love

One of my most vivid memories of 2003-2004, the year I lived in a duplex apartment with Jodi and Rachel, is one particular meal.

It was after Christmas sometime, at lunchtime after chapel. I can't remember anymore what I was eating (probably a tomato sandwich, or mortadella and provolone), nor what Jodi was eating (probably something involving cheese). But Rachel, Rachel was eating Chinese dumplings she brought back from Christmas in Edmonton.

And they were so hot she was slurping and blowing and burning her mouth. But she kept eating. Finally Jodi and I said "QUIT EATING THAT" and "wait until it cools off!", but I think Rachel was so excited to be eating dumplings that the thought didn’t occur to her that she should wait a bit. It was seriously one of the funniest moments of the year.

Anyways, the major point of this story is coming. Last month when I went to Hamilton for a wine and cheese party (I just ate the cheese, and had some fake wine, I don’t drink alcohol), Susie, Melissa and I went out beforehand to Kelsey's and had appetizers. They had new dumpling things called "General Tao Gyoza Dumplings"(go figure) so I ordered those although Susie and Melissa were convinced they would be gross. But they were tasty.

And, on the weekend I found that Wong Wing-frozen-food-maker- people now have "NEW!" dumplings for sale. Chicken ones. So I bought a box. And they are SO good. I looked for a link to Wong Wing but all I could find was this.

I could seriously eat them every day.

Unfortunately my box ran out already and I have to go and get more. I now understand Rachel's excitement.

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