Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Craft Challenge

Back a long long time ago, like sometime early last fall, I volunteered to participate in Maria's Craft Challenge. The agreement was that she would send some raw materials from her home in Sweden, to be crafted into things, and then sent back to her.

The above is what I recieved in the mail from her... lots of fun paper bits, 2 pieces of yarn, a gold glitter pen, a few cards, and a piece of soap. Oh, and a piece of wood too. Originally, I wanted to use everything she had sent minus the soap, and add only white paper to the mix. But eventually I got bored with that and I wanted to knit something.

This is the pile of what I ended up coming up with. All these pictures are "clickable" for a better view.

The hat was a basic black touque that I invented a pattern for. The black yarn was my own, and I mixed in a strand of fibre that Maria had sent to one row of the knitting. I like the way it turned out, very fun. I had hoped she would like the colours, espcially since they came from her! :)
I cut the text freehand out of some white paper... usually I write it first but I just eyeballed it this time. I think it turned out okay, except the "o" is weird.

I think this card is my favourite. I used a background of an off-white cardstock that I had on hand, and the orange cardstock came from Maria. The music and various other language papers came in the package from her as well. I cut the butterfly out off of a piece of wrapping paper I think that she had sent.

This little gnome illustration, I loved it. So cute. I glued it to the tag that she had sent, and used the fibre to attach it to the card.

The blue cardstock and ribbon were my own, but the ricepaper came from a teensy tiny envelope of Maria's. The flowers were cut from some vellum she sent.

Apple blossom magazine page or perhaps wrapping paper? More of the ricepaper as well. My own pink background and ribbon.

I really liked this card as well. The vellum was the same as the little flowers came from, it was printed with various butterflies. More other-language paper and ricepaper. I stitched the butterfly on and adhered it to my own blue cardstock.

It has been neat to see what other people got and created on her Craft Challenge Blog. It was a very fun project.

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