Friday, January 20, 2006

Calendar Catch-Up

Okay, so I totally have all this stuff that I need to play catch-up with and post to my blog. Including an end-of-the-year post (you know, since January is almost over!), but I don't think I'm going to get to that today.

I did however want to post this, and I was waiting until the recipient actually got the present... but due to my tardiness, her skipping the WSC Christmas party, me getting her address wrong, her not knowing the correct address, and me not seeing her until tomorrow, Nat's not going to get it until tomorrow. And I think sometimes she reads this so I didn't want to post before she got it.

But anyways, I happen to think personalized calendars are great. My old roommate Jodi used to always get a family calendar every year which I thought were hilarious. Unfortunately I didn't have a picture of Jodi's deceased cousin Beth on Nat's calendar (I couldn't figure out how to word that any more delicately...).

So, here are some shots of the calendar making process and some of the individual pics. Most of these pictures were from summer 2004, some of the dress ones are earlier.

All the pages once they were ready. I printed the calendar pages off of, on coloured paper, on a colour printer. I did the collage pics on Photoshop and printed them onto photo paper I got at Dollarama. It's some weird brand, and you get 25 4x6 sheets for a dollar, I love it. I taped them onto the calendar pages, because that's what looked best rather than printing them directly onto the calendar pages.

I know I've posted one of those turtle pictures before, because it was seriously one of the funniest moments of my life. There was a turtle in the middle of Hwy 48, and you can't just leave a turtle in the middle of the road. And Nat and Mike wouldn't pick it up, so I did. And, thus, it peed on me. But hopefully it went on to live a happy life on the other side of the road.

An assorted collection of the required Oscar Night and camp banquet dress-up days. I used to think that purple dress was soooo pretty (ew!). But I still totally love that peacock blue dress. Nat used to always bug me to borrow it. I still have it, but I haven't any opportunities any more to wear it. :(

Somewhere I have one more picture of Mike in the background. These pictures make me laugh so hard.

I think this collage pretty much requires no explanation. Although that one picture (Nat will know which one I mean), best photoshopping job EVER.

Too bad the Rocket died. But the Hot Rod lives on!

So this collagey-thing was the hardest to do... because this was a video (from Youth Quake 2004) and I had to take screenshots off of MediaPlayer and paste them into Photoshop, then crop and cut and past them into the collage document. It took forever!

Okay, that is all. Enjoy all the embarassing pictures, I'm sure I'll regret posting this one day! ;)

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