Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I Can See the Sun!

What a nice surprise this morning on the way to work... I almost had to bust out my sunglasses once again after a bazillion days of non-stop snowing. Seriously, it had been snowing since like Sunday. Sure it's all pretty and light and fluffy snow, but driving to and from work was pretty treacherous. Monday I even got to go home early while it was still light out because of bad weather. Sure, I didn't actually make it home any earlier that I usually do, but I did get to leave 45 minutes earlier than normal!

So winter has fully arrived with a vengeance and it's almost Christmas. Rushing rushing rushing with the presents. Back in October and November it felt like I had forever still to finish all the little Christmas projects and presents. Now it's December 7 and I've still a ton to do... ugh! I've not bought too much this year for presents (am making most) due to the realities of life and the fact that I can't afford very much, and making presents is often a more fun and rewardable pasttime. Still working on/putting off making Chrismas cards. After two years of homemade ones, I don't want to stoop to buying them, but I keep making them less complex/fun and shortening the who-gets-one list, which really isn't what I want to do.

In other Christmas news, I'm leaving for Christmas in Alberta next Saturday... it's coming up so quickly. I had wanted to go later rather than earlier, but flights were way cheaper earlier rather than later, so December 17-28 I'll be west rather than east which should be quite lovely. I haven't been home to my parents' house since May '04 (over a year and a half, yikes!), and haven't seen most of my family in that long or longer, so it will be nice to be home. And my Mom says Blackey the cat is counting down the sleeps until I arrive. I'm not looking forward to all the traffic (the drive to Toronto, the flight, the bus 6 hours from Edmonton, and then the return back to Ontario). It will be nice to be home, but what if I decide I don't want to come back to Ontario?


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