Monday, December 19, 2005

Flying Alberta

Okay, I arrived safely yesterday morning at 6:15am off a 6 hour bus ride... I had forgotten that it could be that dark at night. My flight was very long. Flying is so boring. Who wants to sit in close confined quarters with people you don't know?

And when we were on the ground waiting to take off, the pilot came on the intercom to say they couldn't turn on the heat until we were in the air, and we might here weird noises, because the regular power supply WASN'T WORKING and they had to use auxilary power supply to get us off the ground.

That made me feel very safe and secure.

And, bonus of all bonuses, I was lucky number 31D. Now, I'm thoroughly convinced that 31D can never be a comfortable thing, because it's the aisle seat just in front of the toilets. After we landed I thought I should have counted the number of people that used the bathroom, it could have been useful for future reference.

And, FYI, Air Canada doesn't give you snacks, just drinks. That surprised me. I hadn't flown AC since sometime in high school or maybe when I was in college in Ontario, and back then they served full meals. West Jet gives you good snack mix and cookies.

Anyways... it is nice to be home.

But dial-up (yes, it still exists!) is soooooooo slow!

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