Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Thrifty Finds 1

I have been going through some of the image folders on my computer clearing them up and thought I'd post some.

I have this habit of going to the local thrift store every Saturday morning... When I was a kid I thought thrift stores were gross. In college however, I learned that they held a wealth of lovely wool sweaters and fun t-shirts. And for cheap.

Now I've somewhat evolved from clothes shopping at thrift stores to cool stuff shopping. Early this year, or it might have been late last year, I found this sweet paint by number painting for a dollar. I love it, I have it hanging in my bedroom. The only downside is it didn't come with a frame and I always forget to measure it and look for a frame:

This past weekend I found these two matching tree paintings, they hang in my hallway outside my room. They were a little pricier, at $3 each.

The fun middle tin in the photo below I got at the local townwide yardsale in June. It was part of a 3 for a dollar deal at one of the churches. The other tins I got as a great deal at Ikea in July when I went to visit Holly. All these tins hold some of my sewing and beading supplies.

These badges I got for 50 cents a piece at a great antiques barn on Hwy 11 near Orillia, Ontario at the beginning of September. My favourite is the green 1974 science fair badge. I have yet to craft anything with any of them, but I suspect that they will find themselves on purses or bags of some sort in the near future:

I found this great "M" initial hankie at a garage sale at a house down the street from me. I think I might make it into a bag or bag lining sometime.

I love the zoom function of my camera for super close ups.
This little pitcher I got at a church rummage sale early in the summer. Mostly I use it for holding candy. I think it was 25 or 50 cents.

This little rooster glass I got at an antique store in Baysville, Ontario. It reminds me of little glasses my Gramma has that we used to drink out of when we were kids, but hers have white grapes and leaves on them. This was a pricier item at $4.

I try to think if I really love something before buying it. Because it's not a great deal if it's 50 cents and you don't love it, that's just wasting 50 cents.

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