Friday, August 12, 2005

My First Bachelor Party

Last weekend I was just getting ready to leave and drive home from camp-land, when I got roped in to going to Mike's bachelor party. I should probably set the record straight and say that although I have been to a whole lotta regular old bridal showers, lingerie bridal showers, old lady bridal showers, and baby showers, I had never been to a bachelor party before. But they needed a sixth person, and that was me!
Mike, in the van on the way. He had no idea where we were going. The goal was to keep it a secret until we arrived. I liked the fact that he's talking with his hands.

We went to Canada's Wonderland, you know, a totally normal place to go for a Bachelor Party. ;) I had only been there once before, so this time I at least had been on a roller coaster before. This is Matt (Mike's brother), Jordan, Mike, Craig, James, me, and Nat. Thank goodness Nat came for most of the afternoon, because I was sorely outnumbered as the only female. And thank goodness it was the Tamil Festival that day, because we got special festival prices. CW costs way too much in my opinion.

These are the mutant koi that inhabit the streams of Wonderland. See the ducks? See how the koi are BIGGER than the ducks?
All that orange... that's hundreds of koi going nuts for the food people throw at them. There were signs by the little quarter operated fish food dispensers that said "DO NOT EAT." I have this theory if I ate that fishfood, I'd grow.

The lines for most rides were around an hour, some were two hours. People tend to find creative uses for my khoole clip on sunglasses.

Nat stole my camera for a bit so now I have pictures of her boyfriend Paul. He's in this band called GrandPM.

We were talking about how people at Wonderland are nuts. Like they think that because it's Wonderland they can wear whatever they want. Like the pink see-through bathingsuit lady. Eww. Please feel free to show this photo at all opportune occassions.

This is in the line up to the new ride The Italian Job Stunt Track, a.k.a. best roller coaster ever. Well worth the two-hour wait for the one-minute ride. So, if you get the chance, go.

So... that was my first bachelor party experience. I think it turned into a lame post though. I find that I feel whatever I seem to write these days is lame. I think I am getting tired of sitting in front of a computer all day.

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