Monday, August 08, 2005


I am back now from my week away volunteering at my "other camp," the camp I worked at for the past three summers... and I had a blast. :)

It's one of the places I know as well as the back of my hand, and could walk around blindfolded. It's different to be working somewhere else this summer, but I'm thankful I had the opportunity to go back for even just a week. It was well worth the vacation days I had to take to do it.

This is the only job I've gone back to after one summer, and it's been neat to see things develop and grow and change, and especially to see new people move on up to different positions and into new leadership. This is me and Shammy... she worked in the kitchen my first summer, and now she's the female program director (and once again a CHUM :) .

I've never really been a morning person, but I always loved getting up early to go to prayer meeting in the morning before flagraising and before breakfast. This is a picture of my favourite flag raising game ever, the hoola hoop race. I don't know that it would be fun at any other time of the day, but when you're lethargic and have that "just got out of bed" feeling, it's pretty funny.

For three summers I was in charge of crafts... and for anyone who knows me, I loved it! :) This picture is of a few campers doing sidewalk chalk on Friday, and you can see Chums in the background (a.k.a. best cabin ever, despite the fact that they put SALMON COLOURED CARPET in it). I miss Chums. We need to have a Chums reunion some time. But now there are at least ten Chums, and I don't think we'd all fit in there.

It's raining, it's pouring! It rained almost (if not every) day I was there this past week, but it was so hot that the rain was welcome to cool us down. This is a view off the ramp at the back of the ramp.

The Skittles Challenge. Each cabin divides their two packs of Skittles by colour, and then each colour is divided in two. Each camper gets a pile of Skittles, and one person can eat at one time. As soon as they are done, the next person eats their Skittles until all are gone. First cabin done wins. It takes an unbelievably long time.

Uncle Horace is our chapel speaker from Tennessee and has been coming up for 29 years to speak to campers. Here he is after breakfast with the morning bug. :)

This is campfire. And it even has a real fire this year! Being somewhat of an oddity, and being a camp in a residential area, sometimes (well, a lot of the time), there are fire bans, and you have to make do without a fire. I think my favourite, other than when there's a real fire, is when someone dresses up like a fire. Ah, chuckle chuckle.

Highlight is something we have on Wednesday nights instead of campfire, and includes a mix of songs, worship, games, skits, and a speaker, and is held upstairs in the barn in the gym. This week, I wore a toga and carried a hammer as one of Noah's children.

This is my friend Astroboy, he's the male program director this summer. And he's getting married in 18 days.

I think it's important, and essential, to remain faithful to places of ministry. Studying youth ministry and the youth ministry profession in school, I was disheartened to realize that I loved a ministry that has so much transience. We are involved in a ministry of seed planting, but it's also important to see those seeds grow.

My friend Jodi used to get annoyed with me and Holly always talking about camp (albeit two completely different camps). But I love this place, and even though it's no where close to my family or even where I grew up, it always feels something like home.

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