Monday, July 25, 2005

The Dark Ages

Sorry, it was like 1992 around here last week because we had a big thunderstorm on Monday and a few lightening strikes... thus the internet didn't work until a bit on Thursday afternoon, and then it was off and on on Friday as well.

And at my house it was like 1892 because our phone didn't work from Sunday until Friday. We thought it was Bell Canada's fault because they're not too swift, but turns out it was our fault because we're not too swift and someone hit the phonejack and it just needed to be pushed back into place. But I would like to formally announce to the world that no it is not okay for Bell Canada to tell you you have to wait a full week for them to come if you have no phone service even if it is their fault and not yours. This is 2005AD people, not 2005BC.

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