Friday, June 03, 2005

Odd Coincidence?

My friend Cory used to always ask the president of our college, whom we fondly called Papa Mags, about the much (word-of-mouth) publicized "ring by spring or your money back" program. Briercrest, where we went to college, was also often called "BridalQuest".

It worked for Cory, she eventually met and married her beau after a few years of college and a few of seminary.

Three former BBC student body presidents got married in the past few weekends:

Jeremy and Erin May 15, 2005
Ryan and Cindy May 21, 2005
Phil and Triscilla May 28, 2005

Is it coincidence that they all got married in a string of weekends? I am highly suspicious that somehow Papa Mags is using this to promote the whole "Bridal Quest" "Ring By Spring" philosophy. Even if he's not, you know, the president anymore.

My main piece of evidence is this recent copy of our alumni magazine:

It's not doing such good things for our school image. ;)

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