Friday, April 22, 2005

The Weekend and Life Ahead

I've always liked weekends, but even more so now that I have a 9-5 job and also because there is no snow left.

I found these neat wallets via Joleen's site. I'm not sure I'd ever personally use one, but I have always loved paint chips, and I know I have a ton from October when I was looking for a colour for my new room, so I think perhaps I might try to make one.

And I've been wanting to contribute to a group art project for awhile, and found this Tsunami Relief Aid Chunky Book Project, and I am planning on contributing to that... we'll see what I come up with. I posted a few new creations on my craft site yesterday if you're interested.

I need to take Hot Rod in for an oil change. I also need a haircut. Both of these things are ones that I wonder if they're really all that necessary. Sure, I should get my car's oil change. And I'd really love a haircut because it's getting too long.

But one of my roommates announced she is moving out. And she only gave us 11 days to decide whether or not we'd be moving out as well. We have to give our landlords 60 days notice if we're going to move out, but ELEVEN DAYS is not enough time to think about moving or to figure out if finding a replacement roommate is even feasible. So two of us are stuck in a bind, and looks like we'll be paying more rent than we can afford. Our original agreement with each other, when we moved in, was to give the other roommates at least 30 days notice before the 60 days would begin...

I honestly cannot afford to up my rent by 50% for too long. Thankfully we technically have until the end of June to find a roommate before we start losing money. I'm hopeful that we will... but I really have no idea what the likelihood is. I don't want to move, I love my apartment, and the rent is cheap. And it's an awesome location.

Anyways, I also got some fabric this week to re-attempt to sew a shirt that I sewed last weekend, that turned out horribly because of the horrible terrible crappy cheap fabric I bought. I am hoping the re-attempt turns out better than the original attempt.

I am thinking of starting a new blog only of fun and funny stuff, because I don't always like posting everything here. That's also a reason I have my arts and crafts blog, because I don't think that everyone is interested in that, and also because Blogger doesn't have categories (*note to Blogger head honchos who may be reading this: if you added categories, I would love you forever). And I have all this funny stuff I sometimes scan, and a bunch of funny links in my favourites, that I'd like to clear out. But, anyways, it's just a thought at this moment.

I should go.

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