Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Reading muddyart this morning alerted me to the fact that today is the ten-year anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

My site stats reminded me of this again, when they told me this site is #10 for a Google search of "bailey almond oklahoma city bombing" because of a post I wrote in March 2003 about being 16 at the time of the tragedy.

Bailey Almond was the infant daughter of Erin Almond, one of nineteen children killed in the bombing, out of a total of 168. A photograph of Bailey being carried by a fireman became the symbol ingrained in the minds of millions synonmous with the Oklahoma tradgedy.

Time passes and we think "It's been so and so many yeas since this (insert Oklahoma City Bombing, Columbine, Taber Shooting, September 11th, etc. at your discretion)". We stare in disbelief, we gawk, we mourn, we move on.

Unfortunately, I'm sure, there are still many more tradgedies to come. When will we start to learn?

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