Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Random Interview Project: Barclee

This installment of The Random Interview Project comes from Barclee, who was a freshman my last year in dorm at Bible college. I can remember one of the first conversations we ever had was one in which she told me that if I EVER told anyone her middle name, I would be sorry that I had done so, and I took this very seriously at the time because she was a scary freshman student.

She was fun to have around the dorm and constantly visiting my house, and even sometimes it was funny when she sat on my sheets. ;)

1. If you could fly to any place in the world for three days, all expenses paid, where would you go and who would you want to take with you?
I would break the days up into quarters...that way i could fly to four places every day. The first day I would go somewhere warm, just because it feels like winter is never ending. I would go to the Bahamas, than Bermuda, and St.Kitts and than maybe Cancun (except isnt it kinda dirty there?) the second day i would go to Africa, than Egypt, than Australia, than Fiji, basically just so i can say i've been there. The last day I would go to places i have read about in my favourite books: California (White Oleander), Jerusalem (Peculiar Treasures) and finally I would go all over Paris and Rome because I just finished The Da Vinci Code and really liked it( i know, i know, i am a sinner). Who would I bring? Joanne..oh wait i'm married wait...yes, Joanne

2. Please share one favourite memory from Bible college.
It was one of those spring mornings in Caronport. The ones where everyone is feeling ansy and people are starting to wear shorts because it is a balmy 4 degrees. It was really quiet because it was like 11:00 on a Saturday so no one was really showing themselves yet. I was walking to the Academic Building (for reasons unknown) and Diana Ratte was walking back from the AB to the dorm...we didnt say much to eachother as we passed, just smiled, we both looked up at the nice sun and i said "you know what this is? this is roadtrippin' weather"...she nodded and we left an hour later.....

3. If you could be a guest on any one talk show, which one would you want to be on and why?
ummm OPRAH! so obvious...because i would want her to ask me questions, just to interrupt me and tell me how she was once abused, and how she has lost so much weight...oh and how she believes in scientology AND kabbahlasism

4. Paul Martin or Paris Hilton... who would you rather go out to dinner with? Why? Paris Hilton, I never voted for Paul Martin's i heard that when he went to see the damages done by the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, the car he was riding in, hit a little girl and broke her leg. Seriously?!?! what Prime Minister goes to a country already in pain and makes it worse? Plus, Paris Hilton would have better stories..and she would probably pay for dinner.

6. What do you think is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?
Once when i was young, my parents and I were driving home from being at a friends house for dinner. It was me and my brother sitting in the back seat and as we drove over the hill to go into our little town, there was a man on the sidewalk chasing his wife and daughters with a gun trying to shoot them...that was pretty weird

7. What was your hardest life experience?
learning to forgive

8. What do you typically eat at McDonald's?
I don't eat fast food. sorry.

9. If you could go back and start school again, what, if anything, would you have done differently?
I would have taken more than 3 courses a semester, so I could have a B.A, I would not have been in the L.A dorm, and I would have gone on more road trips....

10. What have been some of the best things about growing up that you love?
Well, I dont really feel very grown up and I hope I dont look like it. At work the other day a guy asked me what grade I was in, in highschool. I wasnt sure whether to be happy or really sad about that. I still feel kinda young, though today my hip hurts. I hope to not grow up for at least a few more years. I just tried to find a good quote on growing up but all I found was quotes from "growing up gotti"....what kind of crazy world do we live in?

P.S. It's JO!

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