Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Just Another Day Here in Siberia/Antarctica

So I just got back from dogsledding not too long ago.

This morning when I got up, it was -19 Celcius out, but with the windchill, it felt more like -28. MINUS TWENTY-EIGHT DEGREES CELCIUS!

And yesterday it snowed ALL DAY and I hadn’t driven anywhere because I carpooled with one of my roommates, and when I got home after work and after the grocery store, it was after 6pm and I was too tired to brush off the FOOT OF SNOW that was all over my car, and shovel out the back so I could back off, I thought “what the hey, I can just do that tomorrow morning before I leave!”

But I didn’t count on it being MINUS TWENTY-EIGHT DEGREES CELCIUS this morning… so when I went out I bundled up and wore everything feasibly possible under my jacket and over my jacket, and proceeded to spend about 20-25 minutes digging my car out and brushing it off. It snowed so much yesterday, it was seriously nuts. Not peanuts nuts, but more like a whole jumbo large can of mixed nuts nuts.

Anyways, this morning I was supposed to instruct and supervise tubing in the latter half before lunch, but then I also got called to help with dogsledding. We don’t normally have dogsledding here, but one of the schools that is here at the camp I work at brought their dogsled team up for the week. And, after being introduced to seven of the dogs, and holding the lead dog, I even got to go for a ride. So that was neat.

You know, because it was MINUS TWENTY-EIGHT DEGREES CELCIUS, I decided to wear the purple leopard print velour pants that my friend Holly sent me for Christmas. It was cold out people, situations like that call for layering. But I wore them on the outside over my jeans, because they’re so funny.

When I came back into the main office, after freezing outside forever, and was all goobery like kids get after being outside for recess, you know what I mean… the office was of course filled with strange people whom I have never met and was then forced to meet. With my hair all messy from winter clothes wearing. With three pairs of mitts and a non-coordinating scarf on. AND PURPLE LEOPARD PRINT VELOUR PANTS ON. And, red shoes on. RED SHOES! They weren’t mine, but I had just given my boots to someone else who was outside and needed them, and so I was stuck with their red shoes.

My roommate (the receptionist), laughed at me.

But then I thought, you know, without hilarious days like today, I’d be just another normal person.

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