Friday, March 04, 2005

The Grind

Jason Killingsworth once wrote something about how when you finish with college and enter the “real world,” you’re done with pretend adulthood.

Adulthood isn’t turning out to be exactly what I had expected. Sure, I always knew someday I’d probably get stuck in the daily grind of working Monday to Friday 9-5… but I don’t think I ever really expected to conform to an office job.

But then again, I don’t really work in a traditional office. I work in a camp office. I can wear pretty much whatever I want as long as it’s not track pants, a baseball cap, or something distasteful. Thus, I can wear my hotdog t-shirt, other camp t-shirts, and shirts promoting the consumption of peanuts.

But. I digress. This thing called adulthood. In some respects, adulthood brings freedom. But in many other respects, it brings the restrictions of more responsibilities. Rent, car repairs, the cost of gas, food, cooking, etc... it all adds up. Sure we had those responsibilities before, in college, but in college we (or most of us) were still spending either our parents’ money or student loan money. The fountain seemed limitless.

This real world, this is real. Bills come. You have to pay them. The freedom somewhat becomes constricting.

Adulthood. It’s not exactly so fun anymore.

Mr. Peanut makes it more bearable.

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