Thursday, February 03, 2005

Today and Tomorrow and The Next Day

So today I finally finished the project monstrosity otherwise-known-as typing the contact address and phone numbers for around 200 churches into a database... thus the area codes post as correctly guessed by Rebecca and Neely.

Today I have thought, more than once, that horray it's Thursday, because that means tomorrow is Friday, and Friday is the last day of the working week before the WEEKEND. How great are weekends? I do not think I ever truly knew until I started working full time. They are very precious, and every minute must be absorbed fully.

Today I got my official office warming present from my old chum Holly, which came in a wine cannister, and contained a sparkly blue extension cord, a pink pen necklace, cheesey ponytail holders, #1 medals (these will come in very handy), a lobster sucker (I'm not sure if that was a stab at the fact when I spent the summer in Maine I brought everyone back lobster suckers, I'm not sure if Holly would remember that or not), and... well, I think that was it. Yesterday I got my Christmas present from Holly in the mail (coincidentally on Groundhog Day). It contained purple leopard print velour pajama pants from Old Navy. My worst nightmare in the mail, I didn't think it was possible. But they're quite comfy, and, as Holly said, "hilariously awesome".

I never thought I'd wear velour, my older sister wears it 24-7 and I thought that was enough for one family.

I've been slowly cleaning off my desk... since things have gotten busy (read "nuts") around here, things have been piling up and although I know exactly where absolutely everything is, it doesn't look very tidy.

Did I already mention that tomorrow is Friday? And then it's the weekend?

Apparently it's supposed to get warm enough to melt a little snow soon. That is great, except for the whole mud thing.

Because of the whole Chinese lunar new year thing, grocery stores have Chinese food on sale. I was looking for something tasty the other day whilst in the prepared-foods aisle (usually I only buy pizza, and pizza pops in that aisle, but I was being a little daring) I thought... hey... Chinese food would be good. So I bought egg rolls and these pork ribs that looked good. The check-out lady even said they looked good. The egg rolls are okay, but not as good as my Mom's. But is anything ever as good as Mom's? Although sometimes, my Mom makes this fried cabbage stuff, and it's disgusting. Anyways, I have digressed. The pork ribs are not good. They even smell weird. And I still have some left. I can't throw them out, they cost money after all, but I don't know if I can bring myself to eat them.

Well, that is it for random stories. For today.

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