Monday, February 14, 2005

Stab Me in the Heart, It's Valentine's Day

I usually like to change the template to pink for this one day, but today that’s just not happening.

Another year, another Valentine’s Day, and life goes on. I just emailed my friend Joanne to comment on the fact that Valentine’s Day usually is the crappiest day of the year for me. I’m not sure why that happens, it just does.

My car broke down again the week before last, and the good news is they finally figured out why it keeps breaking down (this was the third time in the less than 5 months that I’ve owned it). The bad news is the Hot Rod needs a new transmission. So today it’s in the shop and is costing me bazillions of dollars. Other than being totaled, I think needing a new transmission is seriously the worst thing that can happen to your car.

Poor little guy.

Poor little me!

I finally got a bed this weekend, and it was for free, so that is good news that can keep me trudging onward. Three and a half months of sleeping on the floor was enough for me. It is a bigger bed than I had sheets for, so I did have to go out and buy new bedding, which was kind of fun I suppose. It would have been super fun had I not had the ominous-ness of paying for a transmission thundering over my pocketbook.

But, you know, besides all the crappy things that have happened lately (there have been a few others, but I’ll perhaps write on that later), somehow I haven’t crumbled. That’s a good thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Eat lots of cinnamon hearts. They’re tasty.

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