Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Web Publishing

It has been interesting, these past 2 years, blogging thoughts and observations and funny things and quotes and hopes and dreams and daily occurances and the like. What is blogging? What is a blog? What is it's purpose? What is okay to blog? What is not okay to blog?

My thoughts on these subjects have changed since I first started web-publishing, and they continue to change. My style has change. People I know and don't know have read what I've written. I've somehow gained an audience.

Some come to read daily, some come weekly, some stop by every once in awhile, some come once and never return.

Some surf in off comments I've left elsewhere, from links from other blogs, from articles on other websites, and many from search engines far and wide.

Sometimes I wonder if I should get rid of my archives. They're past thoughts after all, they were from the time. But sometimes that is exactly what I love about blogging, it's a glimpse into someone's life at a certain time. It's a memory, but unlike memories, isn't quite so fleeting.

A blog is like a journal. With that, it's a personal look into the persona of a specific person, and often, even the inner self. People change, their writing changes. Their writing, however, reflects who they were at that specific time in their life. As does their memory.

Today I got a request from someone from my past to remove their name from my blog. They were upset and stated that I did not have their permission to use their name in any form let alone on the internet.

Sometimes I wonder if I should start from scratch again. I always thought it was odd when people did that on their blogs. But if something hurts, it shouldn't be on the internet, especially on my site, because that is not what I want to do.

I'm sorry.

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